Welcome to Critical Acts, the online hub for digital creative-criticism.

What is Digital Creative Criticism?
Any act of creative criticism that takes place online, or engages with the digital offline. Instagram, Twitter, Tinyletter... you probably already saw one today.

What is Creative Criticism? See Critical Acts' host organisation, Beyond Criticism.

What is Critical Action
Critical-creative writing has made personal voice and experience central to critical discourse. Open-access online platforms allow a wider range of practitioners from in- and outside the academy to act to cross boundaries of form, discipline and reach. To claim a digital voice is a critical act.

What Critical Acts are in store?
Critical Acts starts (but only starts) with projects by four cross-disciplinary practitioners that take not only this site, but the whole internet as their playground and field of operations.

Critical Acting Where?
Critical Acts will take place at a one-day symposium on Saturday March 28th 2020 at the Institute of English Studies.
From performance to panels to papers, get your submissions ready now! Find more info and the call for papers here.

Who is Critical Acts?
Critical Acts was founded and is run by writer and artist Joanna Walsh with the support of Beyond Criticism, Boiler House Press, and CHASE. All Critical Acts are interACTtive so you are also Critical Acts. If you would like to contribute to Critical Acts in any way, or have seen a critical act we should know about, get in touch here and follow Critical Acts on Twitter.

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