Kim Adrian

‘On display is a rigorous mind, a fiery intellect, a curious and engaged reader.

Boston Globe

In a series of personal letters, Dear Knausgaard sets forth a searing feminist critique of My Struggle, by Karl Ove Knausgaard. What starts out as an engaging response to a work of literature that has become genre-defining, later morphs into a compelling and necessary interrogation of the social and cultural forces behind Knausgaard’s work. Throughout, Adrian provides us with fertile ground for a celebration of the act of reading itself.

Kim Adrian is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir The Twenty-Seventh Letter of the Alphabet and the Bloomsbury’s Object Lessons book Sock.

‘Kim Adrian’s loving struggle with Knausgaard is the kind of criticism I most enjoy — personal, wonderfully engaged, intense but somehow simultaneously light-footed, and extremely intelligent . . . A delight from start to finish.’

— James Wood, literary critic