A Shaken Bible

‘We wait for lite, but behold obscurity, look for britenes, but we walk in darknes.’ A tapestry of quotations from the King James Bible, William Blake, Gilgamesh and the works of seventeenth century Ranter Abiezer Cobbe interwoven and translated into Yorkshire dialect, A Shaken Bible revives familiar passages by setting them in playful dialogue with each other.

It demonstrates how the scriptures are the fragmented collages they always were and collapses the Alpha and Omega into a Bible of what Gillian Rose termed the broken middle. Steven Hanson defies academic and theological traditions while retaining a strong core of theory, creating a unique blend of classics, criticism, and creative writing.

‘… a feast of rich, re-worked, largely seventeenth century English. One might enjoy it simply for the sheer surface sumptuousness of the language, to be dipped into… In its curious, eloquently frustrating, and uncanny way I guess that, to those who have ears to hear, it speaks significant truth.’

Canon Emeritus, Andrew Shanks

Paperback | Price £10.00 (RRP: £12.99)
ISBN 978-1-911343-74-5

eBook | Price £5.99
ISBN 978-1-913861-10-0

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